About Us

As Bitcoin and crypto-currency continue to expand into businesses as disruptive alternative payment methods across the globe, Bitbuy is becoming leader in providing and making Bitcoin and Ethereum more accessible to new and existing users.

Bitbuy.ca is a financial services software company that develops and sells brokerage services, merchant solutions and secure banking infrastructure for Bitcoin and other alternative payment systems.

Bitbuy.ca allows customers to buy Bitcoins and Ether, send and receive Bitcoins and Ether, and offers merchant solutions for businesses to accept Bitcoin as payment, while being the on of the first to enable businesses to accept Ether payments.

Bitbuy.ca provides SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions allowing businesses globally to accept Bitcoin payments, provide Bitcoin procurement through online brokerage services and provide a secure banking environment for Bitcoin holdings.

Bitbuy.ca Products and Services

Bitbuy.ca provides Bitcoin to businesses around the globe, while also solidifying its Canadian market share in the brokering and payment space. Below is a list of Bitbuy.ca's products and services. Click on our services below for more information.

The concierge service provides an instant suite of integrated necessities for procuring and holding crypto assets that allows you to manage access to crypto markets through its order portal. With one simple click, procuring Bitcoin and Ethereum has never been easier.

Coming soon, Bitbuy.ca Wallets provide secure Bitcoin storage with on-demand accessibility.

Bitbuy.ca's Merchant Solution is designed for merchants and businesses that require a secure, user-friendly and compatible method to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Bitbuy.ca has several strategic integration partners, where we have developed custom POS terminal integration on the most wideley used hardware platforms. Bitbuy is proud to provide BTC acceptance for over 15000 customers using Visual Touch POS accross Canada. From web to brick & mortar, Bitbuy merchants has you covered. For more information please contact merchants@bitbuy.ca