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Anyone who has sent a wire transfer internationally through their bank knows that the current system of settling different currencies is slow and tedious. XRP, a digital currency created by Ripple Labs, aims to be a solution this and other current cross-border banking issues.

XRP runs on technology called the interledger protocol which uses digital currency to settle accounts across two banks differing ledgers. This allows for a much smoother experience, and a faster settlement time. Banks such as Santander, Reisebank out of Germany, and ATB Financial right here in Canada have experimented using XRP to settle transactions.

Recently XRP briefly became the second largest digital currency by market cap, overtaking Ethereum. There is no doubt XRP is an exciting and rapidly growing cryptocurrency.

Similar to Bitcoin, there is a finite amount of XRP that is available, 100 Billion units. XRP can only be divisible by 6 decimal places, meaning that the smallest unit (one drop) is 1 millionth of 1 XRP.

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Famous moments in XRP History

In May 2018, Hollywood Actor Ashton Kutcher appeared on The Ellen Show and made a donation to Ellen’s international charity based in Africa using XRP. The donation was sizeable, $4 Million USD, and showed a real world example of how XRP could be used to settle international payments.