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*Markets are volatile and may not be suitable for all investors. Past success does not guarantee future performance.

Fractional share trading allows a customer to buy and sell fractional share quantities and dollar amounts of certain securities. Fractional share trading presents unique risks and is subject to particular limitations that you should be aware of before engaging in such activity.

Frequently asked questions

When will stock trading be available on Bitbuy?

The product is expected to go live in Q1 2023 and the official launch date will be announced prior to. Add your email above and be the first to know!

What will I be able to trade?

You will get access to fractional trading and investing in thousands of US stocks and ETFs.

Do I need a new account to trade stocks?

 No, you will be able to trade from the same Bitbuy account.

Will these be tokenized stocks like I’ve seen on other crypto platforms?

No, this is fractional stock trading with real time settlement. There are no tokenized stocks involved in this offering.

Will stock trading only be available within traditional stock market hours?

No, as part of this offering, extended hours stock trading will be made available between the hours of 4AM and 8PM EST.

Which third-party providers is Bitbuy partnering with for this offering?

Bitbuy stock trading will use technology provided AlpacaDB, Inc. Brokerage services will be provided by a leading Canadian investment bank and IIROC member will route, execute, clear and custody all customer accounts and trades.

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