How It Works

Whether you're interested in buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, or any other digital currency, Bitbuy is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada to get started. We offer a secure, reliable, and convenient platform allowing Canadians to access and trade their favourite cryptocurrencies easily.

So, how does buying and selling cryptocurrency work?
Check out our Step-by-Step Guide below.

Get started with digital currency quickly and easily on the most secure Canadian platform available

Step-by-Step Guide

Create an Account
Visit and create an account. Just enter your email address, telephone number, and verify your identity with a government-issued photo ID.
Deposit Funds
After verifying your identity, you can deposit funds into your Bitbuy account using one of two methods: Interac E-Transfer or Bank Wire
Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency
After creating your account and depositing funds, you can begin buying and selling a wide range of popular digital currencies on Bitbuy.