The Bitbuy Brief: The Fed Sparks a Rally?

The Bitbuy Brief: Bitcoin Leads the Way

Last Thursday, we started a slight downtrend – dropping 2.5% till Monday.

The Bitbuy Brief: Kevin O'Leary on Compliance and Win an NFT

Minimal volatility this week.

Japanese Candlesticks: What Are They and How to Read Them

Learn how traders use Japanese Candlesticks to help identify price and momentum changes.

Kevin O'Leary, NFTs and Kyle Lowry Giveaway!

Everything is down, except Bitcoin Cash!

The Bitbuy Brief: Dogecoin, Twitter's Crypto?

Everything is down, except for Doge!

The Bitbuy Brief: Everything is Up!

Terra’s aim to back their stable coin $UST with $10B USD worth of Bitcoin could be one of the catalysts behind the price move. Bitcoin is encountering resistance around the $60K CAD level as no daily or 4-hr candle has closed above it.

The Bitbuy Brief: Green Candles and Giveaways

Everything has been increasing since last week. Except for $AAVE which had a -3.1% decrease. It saw its big move last week hitting a recent high on 03/19/2022. Bitcoin is up +3.2%. It has been on an uptrend since 03/14/2022.

The Bitbuy Brief: Saint Patrick's Day Edition!

On Tuesday, The EU voted to NOT ban PoW. However, the ‘NO’ vote did not create any meaningful Bitcoin price action. Then, from 10 pm EST on Tuesday night till 11 pm, we witnessed a 5.4% Bitcoin price increase.

The Bitbuy Brief: It's Been a Rollercoaster

Bitcoin is down 10% on the week.The price started moving downward last Thursday evening.Eventually hitting $47,300 CAD on Monday.

The Bitbuy Brief: Is the Meme Spreading?

Bitbuy’s COO Jordan Anderson is talking Bitcoin and alternative asset classes.

The Bitbuy Brief: Real Estate, Taxes & the Latest Market Moves

I hear two things are certain in our lives – Death and Taxes. Bitbuy can’t solve either. But, we can potentially help make your 2022 tax situation a little clearer.

The Bitbuy Brief: Bitcoin Price Seeing a Steady Start This Week

We had a -5% move down last Thursday.That day, CPI data got released. Which seemed to trigger a spike in the DXY & VIX.There was also a rumour circulating of an emergency Fed rate increase which never materialized.

The Bitbuy Brief: Will Zuckerberg Lead the Metaverse?

We’re keeping an eye for a break from a current support level of $50K CAD and a resistance level of $55K CAD.

The Bitbuy Brief: Logan Paul and Winklevoss Twins Invest in Metaphysic

With a big drop in Bitcoin’s price, Friday brought pain to many HODLer’s.

The Bitbuy Brief: Tom Brady Uses Retirement to Focus on NFT Startup

Bitcoin briefly broke above the $49K CAD resistance level only to drop 6% since then. Making it flat on the week.

The Bitbuy Brief: Bitbuy Joins the Crypto Bowl?

All coins on Bitbuy had double-digit price increases.

The Bitbuy Brief: BTC & ETH Were on Fire!

What a week! The crypto markets stayed hot! Big week for the coins on Bitbuy.

The Bitbuy Brief: Is crypto the new macro? And, we're giving away another NFT!

This week, the crypto markets got lit on fire!

The Bitbuy Brief: Tesla accepting crypto again? We're giving away an NFT!

This week, we saw a pullback on most top 10 coins, after touching Bitcoin all-time highs last week.

The Bitbuy Brief: The Catalyst For Bitcoin's New All-Time High Price

This week, the story everyone is talking about is that Bitcoin reached a new all-time high.

The Bitbuy Brief: The Latest Market Update, And Russia's Comments On Crypto

This week, Ethereum and other altcoins bounced back, even after the IMF reiterated more oversight is needed for crypto.

The Bitbuy Brief: No Crypto US Ban Coming

This week, Bitcoin and other altcoins bounced back after Gary Gensler said the SEC won’t bring in a China-style crypto ban. See below for more on that.

The Bitbuy Brief: Elon's Back?

Bitcoin and other major coins have rallied in the past 24 hours, seeing gains of 6-10% across the board.

The Bitbuy Brief: Refer, Earn and Win!

This week, we saw mostly sideways movement from the top cryptocurrencies.

The Bitbuy Brief: Alberta Could Become A BTC Mining Hub

We witnessed a 10% market pullback by this Tuesday, with a relatively v-shaped recovery.

The Bitbuy Brief: We Answer Your Top Crypto Questions

In the latest Bitbuy resources article, we answer the key crypto related questions that investors are asking in 2021.

The Bitbuy Brief: What Percent Of Canadians Own Crypto? 🇨🇦

Crypto’s total market cap is currently above USD $2 Trillion for the first time since May.

The Bitbuy Brief: Everything You Need To Know About ETH's Upgrade

For a limited time, we’re offering 0% funding fees on Interac e-Transfer deposits!

The Bitbuy Brief: Bitcoin Up 24% This Week

We’re moving fast, making constant product improvements to give you the best possible crypto experience.

The Bitbuy Brief: Bitbuy's 2021 Proof Of Reserves & Crypto News!

Transparency and trust are pillars of how Bitbuy has always operated, and we’re excited to announce we’ve just completed another transparency milestone!

The Bitbuy Brief: Learn About Smart Contracts

If you’ve been following crypto for a while, you’ve probably heard the term “smart contract”.

The Bitbuy Brief: Trade AAVE And Link! Could ETH Flip BTC?

We’ve added two new tradable coins to Bitbuy! You can now buy, sell, deposit and withdraw Aave and Chainlink on Bitbuy.

The Bitbuy Brief: Statement On Bitbuy & Canadian Regulation

You may have seen the news that international platforms such as Binance, Kucoin and ByBit (no affiliation to Bitbuy) have decided to stop serving Ontario residents or other Canadians as a result of the recent announcement of a regulatory framework for crypto platforms.

The Bitbuy Brief: MicroStrategy Is Buying The Dip

We’re moving fast, making product improvements weekly on our new upgraded system.

The Bitbuy Brief: Bitcoin and Basketball

We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with the Canadian Elite Basketball League to allow players to be paid a portion of their salaries in Bitcoin.

The Bitbuy Brief: We are back!

After a brief hiatus, our weekly newsletter is back. We strive to give you the best and most informative crypto content that keeps you up to date on the latest news, the market moves, and everything in between.

The Bitbuy Brief: Who wants to move to El Salvador?

Due to a recent stabilization in ETH network gas fees, we’ve lowered our mining withdrawal fee and minimum withdrawal amount for Ethereum.

The Bitbuy Brief: Microsoft Using BTC In An Unexpected Way

Is AltSzn finally upon us? XRP soared to new 2021 highs, touching as high as $1.37CAD while EOS gained 24% of the 7-day trading period.

The Bitbuy Brief: Our Guide To Dogecoin

Crypto rallied impressively across the board this week, with EOS & ETH seeing the largest double-digit gains of all coins supported by Bitbuy.

The Bitbuy Brief: ETH Update & Our Tax Guide

It was a week of moderate up’s and down’s for the crypto market, with Bitcoin moving Thursday morning upwards and again crossing the key $60,000 USD level.

The Bitbuy Brief: Win $250 By Watching Hockey!

Crypto is broadly selling off this week, which is a bit of surprise to pundits since there has been some positive news as of late.

The Bitbuy Brief: Bitcoin Bulls & NFTs

Bitcoin continued its upwards momentum back towards all-time highs.

The Bitbuy Brief: BTC Changing Business!

Bitcoin finally passed the $50,000 USD, and is currently above $66,000 CAD for the first time this week.

The Bitbuy Brief: Tesla Bought 1.5B in Bitcoin!

Bitcoin continues to soar and passed $60,000 CAD for the first time this week.

The Bitbuy Brief: Microstrategy Goes Deeper

The market rebounded steadily today with volumes and prices jumping significantly compared to the 7-day trend.

The Bitbuy Brief: Who's Mining Bitcoin In 2021?

Crypto is continuing the second day of a broad sell-off with few exceptions.

The Bitbuy Brief: More HODLing This Time Around

Crypto bounced back after a decisive pull back earlier in the week.

The Bitbuy Brief: Bitcoin All Time-Highs This Week

After weeks of flirting, Bitcoin briefly touched all-time highs on December 1st at around 9am!

The Bitbuy Brief: BTC Price and Google Search

Bitcoin price continued to soar for the third straight week, and is hovering around $23,500 ($18K USD).

The Bitbuy Brief: BTC Dominance Continues

BTC is outperforming and threatening a decisive breakout at $16,000 USD ($21,000 CAD).

The Bitbuy Brief: Crypto is soaring!

Crypto is absolutely soaring, simply put. Bitcoin touched $20,000 CAD for the first time since early 2018 and is up 10% on the week.

The Bitbuy Brief: We Review Filecoin

BTC continued to rally this week, up 7.18%. Altcoins lagged BTC, but volumes were up across the board.

The Bitbuy Brief: Bitbuy Gets Recognized!

Most major coins on Bitbuy are up on the 7-day period, with Bitcoin Cash leading the charge up over 16% in the past week.

The Bitbuy Brief: Vitalik Gives an Ethereum Update

Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market is up in the last 24 hours, with BTC finally breaking the key resistance level of $11,000 USD.

The Bitbuy Brief: Revisiting Bitcoin Metrics

Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general has dropped sharply today, due to the news that the U.S. Department of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) have filed charges against crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX.

The Bitbuy Brief: US Exchange Becoming A Bank?

Coming up: US based exchange Kraken makes announcements but first..

The Bitbuy Brief: Crypto Market Cap Flippening

Crypto had a bounce back after an overall sudden drop the previous week.

The Bitbuy Brief: DeFi Taking a Bite Out Of BTC

Crypto had ups and downs this week,  with the largest decrease seen in the past 24 hours which saw most coins retrace at least 5%.

The Bitbuy Brief: Price Analysis on BTC

Crypto had a volatile week overall, with most major coins settling with a double-digit weekly loss on their price over the past 7-day period.

The Bitbuy Brief: We Go Deep on EOS!

Crypto saw modest gains across the board over the past week, with some coins such as EOS and Litecoin posting double digit gains.

The Bitbuy Brief: A NASDAQ listed company just went all in on Bitcoin

Crypto saw a dip overall in the 7 day period, mostly happening in the past 48 hours.

The Bitbuy Brief: Crypto volatility continues!

Crypto volatility continues while BTC remains steady.

The Bitbuy Brief: Crypto Has Bullish Signals Again?

Crypto finally saw some bullish upward movement after weeks of stagnation.

The Bitbuy Brief: What's going on with Dogecoin?

Crypto again had a relatively flat week, with spot volumes well below averages we saw in May and June.

The Bitbuy Brief: Bloomberg Bullish Crypto Report

Many altcoins saw decent gains through the past 7-day period.

The Bitbuy Brief: Cardano Is The Hottest Crypto

With some exceptions, most popular cryptocurrencies are slightly down or flat across the board over the 7-day period.

The Bitbuy Brief: US Tech Giant To Sell Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency across the board is down slightly over a 7-day period, although coins are modestly up in the past 24 hours.

The Bitbuy Brief: Check Out Our Refreshed Look! HODL Waves Are Back

Crypto is marginally lower than 24H ago across the board.

A Look At The Updated FINTRAC Cryptocurrency Regulations

Last week, on Wednesday July 10th, 2019, the Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada FINTRAC published the long awaited final version of amendments to the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act PCMLTFA in the Canada Gazette.

3 Reasons Why the Lightning Network Will Have a Revolutionary Impact on Cryptocurrency Markets

Bitcoin has a scalability problem. Or does it? The Lightning network could change the game when it comes to scaling the world's most popular digital currency. How does it work and what does it mean for the crypto markets? We take a look in this article.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Bitcoin On Bitcoin's 10th Birthday

It's Bitcoin's 10th Birthday! To celebrate, we take a look at 10 facts about Bitcoin you may not know (with a Canadian spin!)

Whales, Investors, and Regulators: SEC Rejects 9 Bitcoin ETF Proposals

The SEC has recently denied 9 Bitcoin ETF proposals, as it wants greater controls on market manipulation and fraud. We look at the interplay between Bitcoin "whales," investors, regulators and traders, and what it means for the future of cryptocurrency ETFs.

Crypto Optimism Soars as Talent and Money Floods Market

As we approach 500 crypto-focused hedge funds and VC firms, and top executives from finance and tech firms flee to build crypto companies and products, the overall cryptocurrency market is slumping. We take a look at why optimism is sky-high, when everything appears red.

Medici Land Governance: A Major Online Retailer Starts Blockchain Land Company in Africa

Medici Land Governance was spun out of to use blockchain technology to address problems with land titles and records. They announced their first government partnership with Zambia. We take a look at MLG and Overstock's history of big bets.

Bitcoin, SegWit, and the (Crypto) Real Estate Industry

As Bitcoin prices climb, we take a look at three psychological factors that are affecting investors. Why have investors, especially those with deep pockets, stayed out of virtual currencies? What do the 2013 and 2017 price explosions tell us about the psychology of traders and investors?

BlackRock Explores Cryptocurrency ETF

BlackRock, the world's largest financial asset manager, has announced that they are looking at creating a new ETF with holdings focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We look at how this would open up the digital currency market to a huge inflow of institutional and private investor money.

Coinbase Preps for 5 New Coins, Security Tokens

Coinbase may soon add five new coins to their trading platform: Stellar, Cardano, Basic Attention Token, Z-Cash, and 0x. They've also been approved to acquire three companies that deal with securities trading, setting the stage for Coinbase to sell security tokens.

Podcast: Bitbuy Founder Adam Goldman Talks About Starting Bitbuy, Creativity, Burnout and More

Bitbuy's founder Adam Goldman on the Hustle Harder podcast. Adam talks about startups, entrepreneurship, creativity, burnout, conviction, and more.

World's First Blockchain Smartphone Out Soon

A new phone with a blockchain-based operating system is set to be released in November. The $999 phone will have an app store, payments, messaging, and more built on top of Sirin's SRN blockchain.

EU Parliament: Don't Ban Virtual Currencies, They're Here to Stay

The European Parliament's report urges regulators to avoid hasty bans on Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The report highlights Bitcoin and Ethereum's usefulness in smaller "monetary jurisdictions" and in nations or regions of political and economic instability.

Is Facebook Building a New Bitcoin? A Look at Facebook's Recent Moves

Facebook has reversed its ban on cryptocurrency advertising. Speculation runs rampant on if the social network will soon be entering the digital currency market. Could facebook create a new bitcoin? Will they buy an exchange? We take a look.

SEC Declares Bitcoin and Ethereum are Not Securities

The SEC has officially decided that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not to be treated as "securities." As "commodities," they do not need to be registered or follow the same regulations that companies do when they sell shares or stocks on the private market.

Are National Currencies Moving To The Blockchain?

Digital currencies are attractive to countries with less banking and financial infrastructure. Will any countries adopt a blockchain currency soon? Venezuala, Rwanda and Switzerland may be the closest to having a cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin's Future: Major Banks and Investment Groups Buying Into Bitcoin

Clearly, financial institutions are taking notice that Bitcoin and other digital currencies are not just part of a passing trend. As these recent announcements highlight, not only are traditional financial institutions entering the digital currency market, they are entering with varying business models. This increase in capital and financial acumen has the potential to push the digital currency industry to new heights.

Surge, Crash, Recover: Cryptocurrencies find their footing in early 2018

It’s been a fascinating start to 2018 for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The end of 2017 saw a massive bull run that carried with it many of the major ‘altcoins'. Ripple surged after (incorrect) rumours surfaced that it was going to be...

Why Canadians Invest in Bitcoin

It’s the original digital currency, created in 2009 by an unknown person (or persons) under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. While we know almost nothing about Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s meteoric rise and enduring relevance is no mystery.

Banks, Blockchain, and Economic Liberty – A follow up

I wrote a piece last September titled ‘Why Our Economic Liberty Depends on the Blockchain’, providing an analysis on why I am certain distributed ledger technology is important to securing our rights under the law in the digital age.

Why Our Economic Liberty Depends on the Blockchain

In this opinion piece, Goldman argues that no economy is free from the risks of human imperfection and that a ‘trustless’ system like the blockchain is needed in a free-market economy.