The Bitbuy Brief: No Crypto US Ban Coming

Issue 153: No Crypto US Ban Coming 🇺🇸

October 8th, 2021

Weekly Market Recap

This week, Bitcoin and other altcoins bounced back after Gary Gensler said the SEC won’t bring in a China-style crypto ban. See below for more on that.

Bitcoin led the way, up 21% over the 7-day period, with alts right behind.

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Headlines & News

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No US Crypto Ban Coming: SEC

Although it may seem obvious to those that follow the industry, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler announced this week that there would be no plans to ban crypto in the United States any time soon.

When asked about his thoughts on China’s recent “crypto ban”, he responded:

“I’m familiar with a number of the things that you mentioned in terms of the People’s Republic of China. I think our approach is really quite different.”

“It’s a matter of how do we get this field within the investor and consumer protection that we have, and also working with bank regulators and others,” Mr. Gensler continued.

It wasn’t all roses for crypto fans, however. He went on to make additional comments and seemed to still be concerned with “the financial stability issue that stablecoins could raise.”

Although it’s only one country and crypto is inherently global, the US remains one of the most important markets to watch in terms of cryptocurrency regulations due to the massive amount of capital and innovation currently in the US crypto space.

The market seemed to respond relatively positively following the comments, with Bitcoin up 21%+ over the past 7 days.

NFT Artist of The Week: Max Jamali

Meet this week’s NFT artist – Max Jamali. Jamali is a luxury artist from Toronto, most notably known for his work in fashion photography and mixed-media art forms.

Unlike other artists that specialize in mixed-media forms, Jamali’s work focuses on luxury as its own art medium. This is reflected in the luxurious and bespoke items he uses to create his masterpieces. From diamond dust, exotic leather to 24K Gold, genuine silver, and Swarovski crystals. You could find Jamali’s elaborate and opulent pieces showcased in Toronto, Miami, L.A. and Dubai. You will be able to spot a Max Jamali piece, as it’s created with his ‘M’ logo, handcrafted from snake skin.

Most recently, Jamali debuted his augmented reality (AR) NFT collection in Miami. The collection features vibrantly coloured butterflies that are slowly fluttering their wings over pictures of Monroe. The collection features pieces like “Bombshell” a collection of four 36″ by 36″ Marylin Monroe portraits, a nod to Andy Warhol’s style. Bringing this collection to life, Jamali said “I always wanted to be the first to do things within the art world” and he goes on to say “It’s not about someone just buying your art and putting it in the living room, it’s like you can actually create a whole experience in a hotel, in a restaurant — that’s the kind of stuff I’m really tapping into with my art right now.”

To learn more about Max Jamali, check out his website.

To learn more about how to buy NFTs in Canada, click here.

What To Consider: When Adding Bitcoin as an Investment on Your Balance Sheet

The primary purpose of corporate treasuries is to help businesses with cash flow and liquidity management. Corporate treasuries usually hold a diversified portfolio of assets that are designed to manage the capital risk and enhance returns.

Corporate treasuries factor in the business needs, competitive landscape, macro- and micro-economic conditions, fluctuations in interest rates, and other factors that may affect the business’ cash flow requirements.

To learn more about what to consider when adding Bitcoin as an investment on your balance sheet, click this link.

Bitbuy Made it to the 2021 List of Best Workplaces™ in Financial Services and Insurance!

Bitbuy is proud to announce that our organization has been named in the 2021 list of Best Workplaces in Financial Services and Insurance.

Bitbuy received this honour after a thorough and independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work®.

The list is based on direct feedback from employees of the hundreds of organizations that were surveyed by Great Place to Work®. The data has a 90% confidence and a plus or minus 5% margin of error.

To be eligible for this list, organizations must be Great Place to Work-Certified™ in the past year and must work primarily in the financial services and insurance industry. Great Place to Work® determined the BEST based on employee responses to our Trust Index Survey.

You can ready our presser here.

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