The Bitbuy Trust Centre

Bitbuy is committed to transparency, compliance, and a fair trading experience.

We adhere to the highest standards protecting your capital. All assets are backed 1:1 at all times per our regulatory requirements.

The Bitbuy Trust Centre provides transparent information to current and future Bitbuy customers to reinforce the need for trust in our industry.

Total Assets on Platform

Bitbuy's total assets on platform represent client funds kept in their account. All custodied assets are backed 1:1. Over 90% of custodied cryptocurrency assets are held in an insured cold storage vault with our qualified and institutional-grade custodian and covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.
Total Crypto and Fiat (CAD)*
$ 44,261,902
Fiat (CAD)*
$ 44,261,902
Crypto (CAD)*
$ None
*Updated daily. Last update on:  
6/15/2024 3:00

Trading Volume*

Trading volume represents the amount of crypto and fiat traded on Bitbuy's order books over the last 7 days.
Total Trading Volume (7d)
$ 36,839,209
*Updated daily. Last update on:  
15/6/2024 3:00

Regulatory Status

Bitbuy is highly regulated in Canada. We are approved by the Ontario Securities Commission and the Canadian Securities Administrators as the first Canadian registered marketplace for cryptocurrency assets. Bitbuy is also registered with FINTRAC as a money services business.
Ontario Securities Commission
Money Service Business
MSB Registration Number: M20728803
February 7, 2020 - February 28, 2023

A message from our Chief Compliance Officer

All customer assets on
Bitbuy are backed 1:1.

Proof of Reserves Audits

Bitbuy routinely completes Proof of Reserves audits through third-party auditors. The objective of the audits is to confirm all cryptocurrency assets held on behalf of our customers adhere to our 90% cold storage policy and are matched 1:1 to our reserves.

We have completed them four years in a row, since 2019. We are proud to be the only Canadian cryptocurrency exchange to have this distinction.
Total % of Funds in Cold Storage
*Percentage of funds in cold storage were not determined. In this report, the sum of digital assets held by Bitbuy’s cold and hot wallets matched the total amount of digital assets held across Bitbuy user accounts resulting in a 1:1 match of custodial assets.

Financial Statements

Bitbuy is owned and operated by WonderFi, a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: WNDR). WonderFi closed Bitbuy's acquisition on March 25th, 2022, and Bitbuy has been included in WonderFi's financial statements there on out. For more information on WonderFI, visit
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Financial Statements