The Bitbuy Brief: Saint Patrick's Day Edition!

Issue #176 : Saint Patrick’s Day Edition!

March 17th, 2022

Weekly Market Recap

On Tuesday, The EU voted to NOT ban PoW.

However, the ‘NO’ vote did not create any meaningful Bitcoin price action.

Then, from 10 pm EST on Tuesday night till 11 pm, we witnessed a 5.4% Bitcoin price increase.

Supposedly, it was due to the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meeting notes pre-release.

The next hour, between 11 pm EST and 12 am EST, right this massive swing up, we had a 4.2% price drop.

Another worthy news item from this past week was Ukraine legalizing virtual assets.

This catalyst could have produced yesterday’s 4% price increase.

On the week, Bitcoin oscillated between $48K and $52K CAD.

Two key support and resistance levels we’re looking at:

Support: $47K CAD
Resistance: $55K CAD

Other BITs and BUYtes:

ETH had an exciting week. Their final Proof-of-Stake test on Kiln testnet was successful. Now, that Proof-of-Stake is getting closer and closer, we’re re-sharing Ryan Allis’ ETH DCF breakdown.

AAVE was also up on the week. The possible catalyst for this move-up could be the launch of their V3 protocol.

LINK also had a solid week. The rally appears to have started after they announced a Spring Hackathon.

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Thanks for reading.

And, have a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 🍀

Bitbuy wishes you many large green candles 🕯️ and many pots of digital gold 💰

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