The Bitbuy Brief: Real Estate, Taxes & the Latest Market Moves

Issue #173: Real Estate, Taxes & the Latest Market Moves

February 24th, 2022

Weekly Market Recap

In times of instability, like today, panicking can happen in markets.

And, we’re witnessing a bit of “panic” today.

Already, there was a 10.72% drop in Bitcoin price (when it hit it’s lowest low.)

In the hours since we’ve caught a few (hourly) green candles and Bitcoin is down about 7% on the day.

And during this swing low, Bitcoin did break the $44K CAD support level briefly.

We haven’t seen Bitcoin prices this low (consistently) since this past May, June, and July.

All other coins followed Bitcoin’s price action.

Market Prices

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Canadian Real Estate Investment Summit Invite

Canada Real Estate Investment Summit

Big invite!

The Canadian Real Estate Investment Summit is happening on March 5th, virtually.

Bitbuy’s COO Jordan Anderson is talking Bitcoin and alternative asset classes.

You may remember him from our New Year’s Eve email, Bitbuy pics, and videos plus many appearances on crypto-related podcasts.

He is a true OG of the Canadian Crypto Community, wicked smart, and an all-around solid dude.

If you’re interested in listening to what Jordan has to say (I know I am) or the 7 other speakers covering a wide range of topics just click on the link below to find out more…

Take Me To The Topics Lineup

Bitbuy’s Canadian Cryptocurrency Tax Guide For 2022

I hear two things are certain in our lives – Death and Taxes. Bitbuy can’t solve either. But, we can potentially help make your 2022 tax situation a little clearer. Hence why we created our Canadian Tax Guide for 2022.

So, give it a read when you have a minute.

Check Out The Tax Guide