The Bitbuy Brief: Is the Meme Spreading?

Issue #174: Is the Meme Spreading?

March 3rd, 2022

Weekly Market Recap

Another Thursday.

Another weekly market recap.

Sometimes, these are enjoyable. And sometimes they are not.

Take last week for instance.

We were experiencing some dark dark red hourly candles.

Later in the day, Bitcoin rallied and the day ended green – Bear to Bull in a matter of minutes.


And in light of recent events – it feels like more and more people are waking up and seeing the promise of crypto.

So, keep spreading the meme!

Alright, back to our weekly market recap…

Bitcoin was king on the week – for coins on Bitbuy

On Monday and Tuesday, Bitcoin had a massive 20% move up.

Going from $47,303 all the way up to $56,569 CAD.

Since January 5th, the Bitcoin price has been oscillating between $44,000 and $57,500 CAD.

If we break above $57,500, there’s a supply wall between $59,400 to $62,500 CAD – per this Crypto Briefing article. Those levels could be something to keep track of.

As for our other coins, they did follow Bitcoin as you’ll see in the chart below.

Latest Market Moves

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Crypto Wallet Security 101 [Cold Storage Guide]

Crypto Wallet Security 101

Self-custody (or cold storing your crypto) provides complete control of your crypto via a personal private key. This can leave you exposed to theft or loss (human error).

But, if now is the time to self-custody your crypto or you just want to learn more…

Check out our recently updated cold storage guide

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Bitbuy’s Canadian Cryptocurrency Tax Guide For 2022

I hear two things are certain in our lives – Death and Taxes. Bitbuy can’t solve either. But, we can potentially help make your 2022 tax situation a little clearer. Hence why we created our Canadian Tax Guide for 2022.

So, give it a read when you have a minute.

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Canadian Real Estate Investment Summit Invite

Canada Real Estate Investment Summit

Big invite!

The Canadian Real Estate Investment Summit is happening on March 5th, virtually.

Bitbuy’s COO Jordan Anderson is talking Bitcoin and alternative asset classes.

You may remember him from our New Year’s Eve email, Bitbuy pics, and videos plus many appearances on crypto-related podcasts.

He is a true OG of the Canadian Crypto Community, wicked smart, and an all-around solid dude.

If you’re interested in listening to what Jordan has to say (I know I am) or the 7 other speakers covering a wide range of topics just click on the link below to find out more…

Take Me To The Topics & Lineup