The Bitbuy Brief: Kevin O'Leary on Compliance and Win an NFT

Weekly Market Recap

Minimal volatility this week.

Bitcoin +2.51%

Since Monday Bitcoin’s price is up 7.56%. Bitcoin appears to be in a pullback of an uptrend and has been in one since March 28th when it broke market structure on the daily chart. It’s closing daily candles below the 50 and 200 EMAs. We’re watching the $50K support level and $60K CAD resistance level.

Ethereum +0.90%

Relatively flat and stable week. Price increased 3% since Monday correlating slightly with Bitcoin’s upward move. On the daily charts, Ethereum is closing right along the 50 and 200 EMAs.

Solana +0.61%

Up almost 8% since Monday, Solana is testing a recent resistance level of $135 CAD. If Solana closes a daily candle above $135, the next resistance level to watch is $153.

EOS +17.35

EOS could be rallying based on news from the EOSIO protocol that it’s bringing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility to EOS. Soon developers will be able to create smart contracts in Solidity for EOS.

AAVE +7.25%

AAVE rose 12% since Tuesday after liquidity mining went live on Avalanche. Going forward AAVE users will be able to provide liquidity to Defi protocols on Avalanche to earn rewards.

DOT +6.03%

Dot made consistent small daily price gains this past week. It’s testing a recent resistance level of $25 CAD. Since January 24th, 2022 Dot has ranged between $20 and $30 CAD.

Lastly, for anyone who self custody’s their crypto using iOS and MetaMask please check out this article. Hackers were able to acquire a MetaMask seed phrase by hacking into the victim’s Apple iCloud account.

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In Case You Missed Exclusive AMA With Kevin O’Leary

In this clip, from Monday’s AMA, Kevin discusses what compliant crypto means for him and other institutional investors.

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