The Bitbuy Brief: Is crypto the new macro? And, we're giving away another NFT!

Issue 157: Is crypto the new macro? And, we’re giving away another NFT! 🙌

November 4th, 2021

Weekly Market Recap

This week, the crypto markets got lit on fire!

All the coins on Bitbuy gained except for AAVE which saw a 1.8% decrease. Both, Bitcoin and ETH gained 7% and +17%. The market has spoken since cooldown of last week – post BTC ETF.

Bitcoin seems to be hovering around the $76K mark over the last 7 days.

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Crypto in The News

Shiba Inu passes Dogecoin as top “dog” in cryptocurrency – Yahoo News

The Crypto Market is Alive and Well. 10,000% Returns Remain a Reality for Want to be Billionaires – Yahoo Finance

Crypto Will Be the Currency of the Metaverse. Coinbase Could Benefit. – Barron’s

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Range-Bound as Traders Expect Strong November – CoinDesk

Kelly Evans: Crypto is the new macro – CNBC

Bitcoin ‘Moonvember’ begins as data shows November is the best month for S&P 500 – COINTELEGRAPH

Is Bitcoin’s Record-High Price a Sign Inflation is at a Crisis Point?

Photo credit – Dan Taylor

Is Bitcoin’s record-setting price a sign inflation is at a crisis point? If you believe tech billionaire, Peter Thiel, it is.

The PayPal co-founder explains, the US Federal Reserve incorrectly thought it could launch a huge stimulus during the pandemic without pushing up inflation.

The result? The US inflation rate has hit a 13-year high and the economy is facing a “crisis moment” according to Thiel.

“Inflation is here to stay, and I wish I had bought more bitcoin,” he says at the National Conservatism Conference on Sunday.

Bitcoin supporters have long maintained the currency is “digital gold” – a scarce asset that will hold its value in times of rising inflation. The coin hit a new record high of over $82,000 CAD in October, in part because of investors’ concerns over rising prices.  Do you agree with Peter Thiel?

Even more importantly, do you think you can beat him at chess, even though he is rated a master by the US Chess Federation?

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NFT Artist of The Week: Eva Shaw

Image source – Artist logo

Toronto-born, Eva Shaw is a Canadian DJ, songwriter, record producer, and fashion model. Growing up, she was involved in acting, music, and the arts. Shaw launched her DJ career in New York City and her first release, “Charizma” was signed by Calvin Harris to his own label Fly Eye Records.

Her follow-up songs “Get Down” reached No. 39 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart, and “Space Jungle” which received over 40 million views.

Shaw’s first interaction with the crypto market was a celebrity drop on the newly launched NFT marketplace, NFT STARS. The collection entitled “Exploration” included four 3D images accompanied by original music composed by the artist — “Carbon Dome,” “Mars Water,” “Mercury Bath” and “Tritium Lunch”.  Her artwork sold out within 24 hours.

You can check Eva Shaw’s collection on NFT STARS

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NFT giveaway round 2!

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Is Dollar-Cost-Averaging The Best Way To Invest in Crypto?

Timing the market to “buy low” and “sell high” is impossible and anyone telling you otherwise is blowing smoke out of their… well you get the picture.

Most markets go through cycles, so one strategy which may reduce risk is “Dollar-Cost Averaging.”

Ever heard of it? Don’t worry, here is a quick guide on what it is and how to best use it when investing in Crypto.

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