Product Updates – August 2021
Article Author: Mathew Chan
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Product Updates - August 2021

For the month of August, our team has been working hard on a number of incremental enhancements to improve your Bitbuy experience:

What’s new:
  • Web: Improved Order book in Pro Trade (Better font for number alignment, improved decimal precisions and added comma formatting)
  • Web: Market Order trade form on Pro Trade now shows “Market Price” as is industry standard
  • Web: Remember Device feature to skip two-factor authentication for 5 days for logins
  • Web: Fees column has been added to Cash and Crypto transaction histories
  • Web: 2021 Transaction reports can now be downloaded in the Settings page
  • Web: Removed the copy to clipboard function in transaction histories – Please use the End Of Year reports to download your latest transactions in CSV format
  • Web: Total approx CAD value on Wallets page now includes all available and reserved balances for an accurate representation of all of your holdings
  • Web & Mobile App: Added notices for deposits of ERC-20 tokens coming from other exchanges to send coins over the ERC-20 network to ensure delivery
  • Web & Mobile App: Balances are now sorted by highest CAD value first so you can easily see your largest holdings
Bug fixes:
  • Web: Fixed % change values not updating correctly for some markets in Pro Trade
  • Web & Mobile: Corrected the copy for minimum e-Transfer amounts ($50), and maximum withdrawals ($10,000 for e-Transfers, $500,000 for Bank wire)