Staking Risk Acknowledgement

Prior to staking your crypto assets, you acknowledge that:

  • any crypto assets you stake will be subject to the lock-up period set out in the crypto asset statement for MATIC [Staking Additional Terms], and, consequently, you may not be able to sell or withdraw your crypto assets for such period;
  • given the volatility of crypto assets, the value of your staked crypto assets when you sell or withdraw them, and the value of any crypto assets you earn through staking, may be significantly less than their current value;
  • there is no guarantee that you will receive any rewards on the staked crypto assets;  
  • past rewards are not indicative of expected future rewards;
  • the rewards you are entitled to may be changed at the discretion of Bitbuy;
  • you may lose all or a portion of your staked crypto assets if the validator does not perform as required by the network; and