Public Companies you didn’t know invested in Bitcoin

Since the very first blockchain-based transaction in January 2009, Bitcoin has paved the way for cryptocurrency to become recognized as a profitable asset class. In its early days, institutional investors were wary of Bitcoin as an investible asset and questioned its value, as well as its potential for the future. Now, roughly a decade later, public companies are holding over $10 billion worth of Bitcoin in corporate treasuries. As Bitcoin continues to make its place in the global economy, more and more companies are looking to have a stake in its growth. We have all read the headlines about MicroStrategy, Tesla and Square adding billions worth of Bitcoin to their balance sheet. So, here are a few other companies around the world you may not know are bullish on Bitcoin.

Hut 8 Mining Corp.


5,826 – Value $236,632,463 Kicking things off with a company based right here in Canada, Hut 8 Mining Corp currently ranks 7th among public companies worldwide for their Bitcoin holdings valued at more than $200 million. They are considered one of the largest digital currency miners in the world, specializing in Bitcoin and Ethereum mining. With 8 facilities across the country, this team is starting to diversify their product offering by diving into cloud services to compete with Amazon, Google, and Switch. In terms of their investment strategy, Hut 8 has decided to “hodl” their crypto as they continue to save their 5000+ Bitcoin in reserve for the long-term, believing that their value will increase overtime.


South Korea

1,717 Bitcoin – Value $67,367,082 This South Korean company based out of Japan specializes in the production, development, and operation of online games for PC and mobile. They currently maintain over 80 different titles including MapleStory, Dungeon&Fighter, FIFA Online 4, and Sudden Attack. In April 2021, NEXON announced that they had purchased 1,717 Bitcoin as part of a “disciplined strategy” to protect their shareholder value and maintain purchasing power over their cash assets. Regarding this investment, their President and CEO, Owen Mahoney, stated: “In the current economic environment, we believe Bitcoin offers long-term stability and liquidity while maintaining the value of our cash and future investments.” Additionally, the company announced the launch of a new feature in December that would allow players to make in-game purchases using cryptocurrency.

The Brooker Group


1,150 Bitcoin – Value $45,120,643 Offering services in financial consulting and capital management, The Brooker Group was the first company to list on Thailand’s MAI Exchange in 2001. Following on this path, they later became one of the first publicly traded companies in Asia to invest in DeFi. They decided to enter the crypto space in March 2021 when they purchased 122 Bitcoin. Later that year in June, they invested another $36 million in digital assets, bringing their total share to 1,150 BTC. They explained that these investments are part of a strategy to create a “diversified portfolio of multiple sectors in the digital asset ecosystem.” It is reported that the company also holds other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Uniswap.



941 Bitcoin – Value $36,920,457 Meitu, meaning “beautiful picture,” is a smartphone company known for its selfie enhancing apps. The company uses Artificial Intelligence to create digital services centered around beauty, and their Meitu app is considered one of the most popular beauty apps in the world. In March of last year, they bought $17.9 million worth of Bitcoin and became one of the first major companies to invest in Ether. Meitu continues to develop their business within the crypto space as they look to integrate blockchain technology into their overseas business operations.



150 Bitcoin – Value $5,885,301 Founded by a student at Stanford University, MercadoLibre is Latin America’s largest e-commerce company by market value with over 174.2 million users. In 2007, they became the first Latin American tech company to be listed on the NASDAQ, and have spent the following years seeking new opportunities in the tech space. In May 2021, it was announced that they had purchased 150 Bitcoin as part of their treasury strategy. The company is committed to increasing the use of crypto and blockchain in Latin America, making investments in Mercado Bitcoin and Paxos.


United States

25 Bitcoin – Value $980 884 Metromile is considered a leading pay-per-mile car insurance company that has developed software to automate their services. Their artificial intelligence claims platform has been licensed by companies worldwide to automate the process and reduce losses caused by human error. In May, they had announced that they would start accepting cryptocurrency for premiums and would also give policyholders the option to be compensated in Bitcoin for eligible claims. Shortly after this announcement, the firm reveals that they had made a $1 million investment in Bitcoin, with the CEO explaining that they believe in the “transformative potential of blockchain technology.”

Net Holding Anonim Şirketi


3 Bitcoin – Value $117, 706 Based in Istanbul, this holding company operates in Turkey’s tourism sector. The company manages a range of touristic services including duty-free stores, hotels, and real estate. Travellers that have been to Turkey might recognize some of their hotels Merit Halki Palace, Merit Sahmaran and Merit Crystal Cover Hotel & Casino. In 2020, they released their financial statement that included the purchase of Bitcoin for 593,931 Turkish Lira, listed as an intangible fixed asset. Later, in April 2021, it was found that the company had profited 160% from their Bitcoin investment in the previous year.