Bitbuy Pro Trade Feature Review

Bitbuy Pro is now live for all users!

Bitbuy Pro Trade is now live along with our existing Bitbuy product Express Trade. This new addition will complement our overall offering to make Bitbuy the best place to buy cryptocurrency in Canada!

Get Verified In Seconds

New Bitbuy users can enter their information, and submit for automated verification.

We’ve integrated with a third party partner with enhanced fraud and intrusion detection tools, in order to keep our platform safe and secure.

If you aren’t able to be automatically verified, no problem! You can still submit your documents and have a Bitbuy customer success representative review your information

Advanced Trading Interface

With Bitbuy “Pro Trade”, you’ll have access to a best-in-class advanced trading interface. We’ve stepped the game up so that you can trade with the professional tools you want. The new interface will have the following features:

Limit and Market Orders –
Set your own price for buying and selling, or use the best available price

Live order book – See live bids and asks, as they happen

Market depth chart – Take a look at how large your order can be at a certain price

Order status and history – See your open, filled and cancelled orders easily

Trading view charts – Best in class pricing visualization

Live trading and market statistics – Live look at last price, 24H volume, 24H % change

Break out” screens – Pop out any of your favourite screens for easy access

Pro Trade now offers the following trading pairs:

  1. BTC/CAD
  2. ETH/CAD
  5. LTC/CAD
  6. BCH/CAD
  7. XRP/CAD
  8. XLM/CAD
  9. EOS/CAD
  10. XRP/BTC
  11. LTC/BTC
  12. ETH/BTC
  13. EOS/BTC
  14. BCH/BTC
  15. XLM/BTC

What coins and pairs do you want to see? Let us know on Twitter

When to Use “Express” vs. “Pro”

Express trade was designed for convenience and ease of use. Simply buy market orders super quickly in real time using this option.

For users with slightly more experience than Pro Trade will be best.  Those who want to take advantage of lower fees, crypto-to-crypto pairs and advanced functionality such as limit orders than Pro is the way to go.

Enhanced Wallet Infrastructure

A brand new integrated wallet solution will provide secure, institutional grade custody of digital assets.

Leveraging advanced technologies and best practices, Bitbuy users can have peace of mind knowing your assets are secure.

Depositing and withdrawing digital currencies is lightning fast with Bitbuy, and you will receive your cryptocurrency immediately after the transaction receives a certain number of confirmations on the blockchain. Withdrawals will also be automated once a customer has fulfilled certain requirements dictated by Bitbuy security staff.

Now that we are launched, we are asking our users to provide feedback if bugs and/or other issues are found. You can do this by submitting a request here.