The New Bitbuy

Bitbuy Just Got a New Look

We’re excited to introduce an all new Bitbuy logo and brand identity.

With a sleek new logo and lively illustrations, Bitbuy’s new brand blends a modern and professional look with fun and playful elements. It’s welcoming, it’s easily digestible and trusting.

The “B” icon stands for Bitbuy, but also is evocative of Bitcoin. It is a clean loop, symbolizing the ease and simplicity of using the platform and the customer journey. Bitbuy’s colour palette reflects classic cryptocurrency with its gold and orange tones.

The gradient represents growth and transformation while the navy and cream colours ground it, giving it an overall professional look and feel.

If you are a Canadian hockey fan, you might’ve already seen a teaser of the new Bitbuy logo during a recent NHL game.

Bitbuy’s New Features

Along with the new Bitbuy brand, we’ve also taken this opportunity to completely rebuild and redesign the mobile app and web app from the ground up, to give us a solid foundation to quickly launch new features in the future.

Faster Login Experience

Tired of completing captchas every time? We’ve upgraded the login experience, and you’ll now be able to login seamlessly and securely with your credentials after you’ve approved the device you are on.

Username Logins

To increase security for all Bitbuy customers, we’re introducing unique usernames, which you’ll be able to reserve for your Bitbuy account. If you have an existing account, once you login, you’ll be prompted to choose your new username. If you’re new to Bitbuy, you’ll be able to create your username during the signup process. Once you’ve created it, you’ll receive an email with your username for your reference. We recommend saving it to a password manager so you won’t forget it.

Rebuilt Apps

The web and mobile app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to offer a better experience. Here are a few highlights of what’s new:

  • Faster load times and more responsive interfaces
  • Longer user sessions – Stay logged in all day
  • Improved onboarding experience for new accounts
  • Ability to view OTC trades in your history
  • Improved tracking of wire transfer status
  • Other minor fixes

Our team has been hard at work on making internal systems improvements to enable us to build faster, so we can deliver quicker on all the feedback and feature requests we’ve received from the Bitbuy community moving forward. Stay tuned for updates!

Be sure to update your app in your app store to get the latest.

Lower Fees

Express Trade, the quickest and easiest way to buy and sell crypto on Bitbuy, is now only 0.2% per trade, reduced from 0.5%!

Bank wire withdrawal fees have been reduced from 1.5% to only 1%.

Smoother Interac e-Transfer Funding

We’ve improved our Interac e-Transfer funding process. Instead of utilizing auto-deposit, we have switched to a brand new process where you will be provided with a unique question and password when you fund your account e-Transfer.

Our system will only accept and credit your e-Transfer if you have entered the correct information, and if you have sent the e-Transfer from a business or personal bank account that’s been properly registered with Bitbuy. If something is wrong with your e-Transfer, you will be notified of what wasn’t correct and you’ll have an opportunity to correct it and resend.

This new process will reduce issues around e-Transfers that may have been sent from non-compliant bank accounts. It also protects your Bitbuy account and bank account with an additional security step when funding your account.

Improved Bank Wire funding

You will now be able to download the wire instructions from your account on the web app and upload the wire confirmation receipt directly, without needing to email a Bitbuy representative. Lastly, you will be able to easily track the status of your pending wire transfer so that you never miss a beat.

Improved 2FA

We’re introducing Authy as a secondary 2FA option, along with Google Authenticator. We strongly encourage all users to be using Authy or Google Authenticator instead of SMS.

Gold Accounts (Coming soon!)

Soon, there will be a new account status. Gold account holders will enjoy higher deposit and withdrawal thresholds and will have access to exclusive promotions. It’s free to upgrade to a Gold Account, and anyone can do it! To apply for a gold account, simply fill out a questionnaire and provide some additional details about yourself and your usage of Bitbuy. Go gold!