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Bitbuy.ca is the most reliable cryptocurrency trading platform in Canada when you want to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. With unmatched customer support, Bitbuy.ca makes it very easy to get started.

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Easily trade, deposit and withdraw digital currencies from your own wallet account.

You can buy and sell currencies from your Bitbuy.ca account, and even deposit or withdraw digital currencies from your personal wallet at anytime. We support all major wallet providers and applications.

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Here's a few reasons why so many Canadians prefer Bitbuy.ca:

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"Good rates, easy to use website, processing times are fast. Recommended"
Moe E., Financial Advisor, Calgary, AB
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"Out of all the crypto-currency platforms I've used, Bitbuy is by far the fastest and simplest service out there. The customer service team was friendly, responsive and helpful."
Richard C., Calgary, Alberta
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"Bitbuy.ca is a really smooth experience. They're a good way to exchange digital currency to fiat and they have good people working there."
Adam F. Toronto, Ontario
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"Bitbuy is the most reliable platform. Fast verifications/deposits, low fees, and great customer service. I've tried the other services out there and it is night and day."
Brandon S. Toronto, Ontario
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"Bitbuy.ca remembers we are people not just dollar signs. Very happy with the communication from the customer service team."
Robert P. St. Johns, NFLD

It’s easy to start buying digital currencies, we keep it safe and simple.

Bitbuy.ca is your on and off ramp for cryptocurrency. Bitbuy.ca is a supported, self-serve Canadian crypto exchange that simplifies buying and selling cryptocurrency for everybody. You can complete transactions in mere hours and beat competitors who can take up to 14 days to make a cash withdrawal.

Bitbuy.ca is one of the best Canadian cryptocurrency trading platforms in Canada. You can now buy and sell cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash knowing that there’s a Bitbuy.ca staff member who can provide same-day support if you have an issue. With Bitbuy.ca you can finally trade fiat money for cryptocurrency in Canada with confidence.

Cryptocurrency is more than just an investment. Businesses and individuals alike buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash to seamlessly pay for goods and services online. The decentralized economy is a business solution that can save you or your organization money. You need a trustworthy, reliable platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Canada. That’s where Bitbuy.ca comes in.

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

Any individual or business who wants to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin on a trustworthy platform needs to sign up for Bitbuy.ca to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Sign up, get verified, fund your cryptocurrency purchases, and start trading. Four major cryptocurrencies are now available on Bitbuy.ca and we’re constantly expanding.

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency. A decentralized currency, a limited number of Bitcoins exist. They’re “mined” by powerful computers solving complex problems. Bitcoin transactions are recorded on the blockchain, a transparent, ever-growing electronic receipt.

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that’s easier to use for transactions. Bitcoin Cash is like your everyday currency. With faster transaction speeds and lower fees, buy Bitcoin Cash if you want to make regular online transactions or invest in the future of digital currency.

Litecoin has smaller transaction fees and is designed to be used in brick and mortar stores. Buy Litecoin for smaller, everyday transactions. Litecoin is an effective solution for businesses and individuals who want to complete transactions in decentralized currency.

Ethereum is the cryptocurrency of decentralized apps. As the internet moves toward a decentralized future beyond blockchain currency, buy Ethereum to keep up with changing technology. You may also want to buy Ethereum to use in smart contracts mediated by the Ethereum blockchain network.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency in Canada

In order to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Canada, you have to trade directly with another individual or use a Canadian cryptocurrency trading platform. Bitbuy.ca is a safer and more reliable platform you can use to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Canada with the assurance of customer support. You can store cryptocurrency or fiat money in your Bitbuy.ca account or move it to your digital wallet by bank wire or electronic transfer. Learn more about how to buy cryptocurrency in Canada using a trusted crypto exchange platform with Bitbuy.ca. We make cryptocurrency simple.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrency in Canada

If you want to get in on cryptocurrency, whether it’s as an investor or a business, you need to know where to buy cryptocurrency in Canada. Bitbuy.ca provides cryptocurrency buyers with accessibility and customer service. Bitbuy.ca is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange trading platform with an easy-to-use interface, low fees, convenient funding and withdrawal options, and unmatched customer service. Bitbuy.ca staff members can help you any time an issue arises. Cryptocurrency in Canada can be simple. Make Bitbuy.ca the place where you buy and sell cryptocurrency in Canada.