Prior to staking your crypto assets, you acknowledge that:

  • (i) staked SOL generally begin to start earning rewards after one full epoch; (ii) staked SOL may only be withdrawn after the passing of one full epoch; and (iii) an epoch is approximately 2 days long;
  • given the volatility of crypto assets, the value of your staked SOL when you sell or withdraw it, and the value of any rewards you earn through staking, may be significantly less than their current value;
  • (i) Bitbuy’s custodian, BitGo, will be entitled to a fee in respect of rewards earned on your staked SOL and may pay a portion of that fee to any third-party service provider it selects to act as validator; (ii) any remaining portion of the rewards (the “Net Rewards”) will be delivered to one of Bitbuy’s custodial wallets with BitGo; (iii) Bitbuy will be entitled to a fee of 30% in respect of the Net Rewards (the “Bitbuy Service Fee”); and (iv) after the Bitbuy Service Fee has been paid, your account will be credited with any remaining portion of the rewards, and, subject to any unbonding or lock-up period, you will be able to hold, sell or withdraw your rewards;
  • there is no guarantee that you will receive any rewards on staked SOL;  
  • past rewards are not indicative of expected future rewards;
  • the rewards you are entitled to may be changed at the discretion of Bitbuy;
  • you may lose all or a portion of your staked SOL if the validator does not perform as required by the network; and