Product Updates - June 2021

Product Update - June 2021

June Product Updates

Since the launch of the new Bitbuy branding, coinciding with a complete system upgrade, we’ve made a ton of improvements, and we’ve completely rebuilt some product features to work with the new system.

Here’s some of the updates we’ve shipped in June, plus a recap of some key features introduced since the new system upgrade back in April that you should know about.

Bitbuy for Business – Introducing our new Corporate Page!

Is your company looking to get exposure to the best performing asset class of the century? See why Bitbuy is Canada’s most trusted, secure, and compliant platform for thousands of Canadian businesses who have already added Bitcoin to their corporate treasury!

Learn more at

Lowered Ethereum crypto withdrawal fees

Reduced ETH Withdrawal fees to 0.05 ETH

We’ve reduced the ETH withdrawal fees to 0.05 ETH! (Additional 0.005 ETH network fee applies) – See for details.

E-Transfers: You can now generate a new Security Question & Security Answer

As some banks now require you to have a unique security question and security answer for each e-Transfer, we’ve added support for regenerating them when needed. To generate the security question and answer, simply go to the e-Transfer deposit screen, and click the “Generate a new one” link.

Please note: The security question and answer can only be regenerated once you have completed at least 1 deposit to the existing ones.

IMPORTANT: Once your security question and answer are regenerated, your old ones are no longer valid, and any pending transfers will not go through

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • []: Fixed broken crypto transaction history links, they now correctly link to proper block explorer URL
  • []: Fixed an issue where certain users would see a blank page when navigating back and forth pages in their cash transaction history table
  • []: Clicking on the Bitbuy logo now links you back to the Accounts page instead of the home page
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM) memo IDs are now required to be numeric only
  • many other bug fixes!

Recap of features we shipped that you might’ve missed

Biometric support is back!

Biometric Support

Biometric (FaceID/TouchID/Fingerprint) support has been added back to both iOS and Android devices for extra security!

To enable Biometric support, go to the Profile screen, then tap on the Security section, and you will see the toggle to enable Biometrics.

Once enabled, anytime you’ve navigated away from the Bitbuy app for more than 30 seconds, or if you’ve completely restarted the app, you will need to authenticate with your Face/Fingerprint in order to unlock the app.

Please note: Some devices without the necessary hardware or devices with restricted access may not support Biometrics. Learn more.

Redesigned Crypto Wallets screen

Redesigned Wallets Screen

We’re excited to introduce a cleaner, redesigned Wallets page with a better column view to see prices at a glance, as well as your balances and their approximate CAD values.

New Currency Screen with charts

New Currency screen with charts

By popular demand, we’ve added in support for price charts!

This is found in our new “Currency Screen”, where you can also see your balances and quick actions (Buy/Sell/Deposit/Withdraw) for each token. To access this screen, simply tap on any token on the Wallets screen.

Price chart are available with different time intervals, and you can also scrub along the chart to see historical prices as well (Scrubbing only supported on iOS for now, Android to come!).

Order books are back!

Order Books are back for limit orders!

As requested, we’ve added back in order books for limit orders in the mobile app. Due to the new system upgrade, we’ve completely rebuild this from scratch, but now it’s been greatly improved and more responsive than before.

Pro-tip: Tap on any price in the order book to fill in your limit order price field.

Bitbuy Referrals

Refer friends right from the mobile app

Referral link and code are now available in your Profile section, go forth and refer a friend to earn $20 when they deposit $250 or more! Learn more.

Cancel open limit orders

Cancel Open Limit Orders in the mobile app

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’ve added the ability to cancel your open limit orders in the mobile app. You can find this by tapping on the History button on the top right of your Wallets screen, then look for your open orders and you’ll see a “Cancel Order” link.

End of Year transaction reports (Web only)

If you haven’t seen this yet, you can now export an end of year transaction report for tax purposes, in a comma delimited CSV format. This is currently only available from 2020 onwards, and can be found in the Profile section of your account once you’ve logged in.

More exciting things to come!

Since our major system upgrade, our team has been working hard to catch up on missing features that were in the old system, as well as making a ton of improvements and bug fixes to as well as the iOS and Android apps.

We have many more improvements and new features on our roadmap, and we can’t wait to get them in your hands!

Have feedback? We’d love to hear from you!

Please reach out to us at and let us know what you would like to see in our products!