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Bitcoin Cash is a late-comer to the cryptocurrency game. Bitcoin Cash came out of a fork from Bitcoin’s code with the intention of making cryptocurrency scalable and able to compete with the kind of transaction speeds that online payment giants PayPal and Visa offer.

To understand why Bitcoin Cash was invented, it helps to start with how Bitcoin transactions are processed. When you send Bitcoin to someone else, the pending transaction is included in the block chain. Transactions are packed together into blocks which are then confirmed by Bitcoin miners, who verify transactions in exchange for the reward of new Bitcoin being released. The block size of Bitcoin is only one MB, a security feature intended to lower the threat of DDoS attacks and spam. It also had the side effect of limiting transaction speeds.

At a time when Bitcoin prices were rising rapidly, transaction fees and times had grown out of control. It was no longer worthwhile to transfer smaller amounts of Bitcoin. As a result, Bitcoin Cash was created to make faster transaction speeds possible by scaling up the block size from one MB to eight MB. Faster transaction speeds and lower transaction fees make Bitcoin Cash a better cryptocurrency for small transactions.

Bitcoin Cash quickly became adopted by the mainstream. Within a day of its hard fork from Bitcoin, its market capitalization was third behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Why Should You Buy Bitcoin Cash?

Should you buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash? It depends on what you’re looking for in a cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash has several advantages over the original Bitcoin:

  • Lower Transaction Fees: Average transaction fees are constantly in flux, but since its launch, Bitcoin Cash has seen average transaction fees that are only a fraction of what you would have to pay using Bitcoin, at times as low as pennies to the dollar.
  • Faster Transaction Times: While Bitcoin transactions can take up to ten minutes to complete, Bitcoin Cash can be considerably faster.
  • Higher Transactions Per Second: More people can use Bitcoin Cash at the same time. Higher traffic volumes on Bitcoin increase delays, whereas Bitcoin Cash can handle larger traffic surges.

Bitcoin Cash is a better cryptocurrency for making small, regular transactions online.

As an investment, Bitcoin maintains superior investor confidence. Although Bitcoin Cash has reached the mainstream, the original Bitcoin continues to enjoy better name recognition and wider tradability.

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