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EOS tokens are the native currency to the EOS blockchain. The EOS project is an exciting one for many reasons. EOS is competing directly with Ethereum and similar projects for market share. The initial coin offering in June 2017 is still the most successful in in the history of cryptocurrency. It raised $4 billion for block.one, the Cayman Islands based company that owns the project.

The EOS protocol attempts to emulate many of the real-world features that computer hardware offers. The features include things like computer processing units and graphics processing units, hard disk storage and random-access memory. Users on the network offer up all of these computing resources to the network in order to keep it going, which is why the project uses the trademark principle of decentralization to its advantage. EOS also uses the power of smart contracts to facilitate transactions. The whole point of these features is to scale the development and the use of industrial-scale applications through what’s known as DAOs, decentralized autonomous organizations (EOS actually states it as decentralized autonomous corporations, same thing).