The Bitbuy Brief: The Fed Sparks a Rally?

The Bitbuy Brief: Bitcoin Leads the Way

Last Thursday, we started a slight downtrend – dropping 2.5% till Monday.

The Bitbuy Brief: Kevin O'Leary on Compliance and Win an NFT

Minimal volatility this week.

Japanese Candlesticks: What Are They and How to Read Them

Learn how traders use Japanese Candlesticks to help identify price and momentum changes.

Kevin O'Leary, NFTs and Kyle Lowry Giveaway!

Everything is down, except Bitcoin Cash!

The Bitbuy Brief: Dogecoin, Twitter's Crypto?

Everything is down, except for Doge!

The Bitbuy Brief: Everything is Up!

Terra’s aim to back their stable coin $UST with $10B USD worth of Bitcoin could be one of the catalysts behind the price move. Bitcoin is encountering resistance around the $60K CAD level as no daily or 4-hr candle has closed above it.